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Meet The Instructors



Izzy has played both racquetball and pickleball, and fell in love instantly with pickleball!

Izzy is officially 4.0 player, but says mentally he plays at a 7.0.

"Teaching is something that has always come naturally to me. I love watching people learn and when the skills start to click. When I fell in love with pickleball, it just made sense to get certified and teach this sport that I love so much."

Izzy is a PPR certified pickleball instructor and is looking to continue growing his certifications.



Giva teaches our beginner & intro to open play classes & clinics.

With a background in competitive rowing as an athlete and a coach, Giva came to pickleball as a recreational player. This sport instantly became a passion. Giva says, "Introducing the sport to individuals with or without previous racquet sports experience is extremely rewarding. My goal is to teach and develop technique and strategies without overworking the pickleball stroke, following the flow of the rally for a successful outcome. Pickleball is fun but can also be intensively competitive when that is the goal of the player.”



Zachary Yusuf is a PPR certified pickleball instructor with experience playing advanced tournaments in both singles and doubles in NY and FL. He has won multiple medals in advanced divisions at the 4.5 level with the goal of moving up and turning professional.

His goal is to teach students the variety of skills that he has learned throughout the years playing many hand-eye coordination sports including golf, badminton, squash, table-tennis, and tennis, in a manner that is easily transferable to the sport of pickleball.

His insights help beginner and intermediate players gain a sound understanding of the strategies, rules, dynamics, and techniques needed to level up in the sport, regardless of age or experience.

Fairport Pickleball Club offers a variety of lesson days & times. We pride ourselves in having consistent instructors and a curriculum that helps build your play & makes you feel confident on the court. 

At the end of each session, you will be provided with a report from your instructor that can help guide you to your next steps. 

Beginner Group Lessons (4 Weeks Long, 2 Hours)

Beginner Group Lessons are a great place to start pickleball! Groups of 8 will learn the anatomy of a pickleball court, basic rules, serving, and basic skills. Groups will spend time doing drills and will also have time to play with instructor feedback.

Beginner Clinics (1 Day, 2 Hours)
(for small beginner clinics with 4 people)

Not ready to commit to 4 weeks? Check out one of our beginner clinics. Our clinics all focus on basic skills, including:
Returning the ball
Intro to Open Play

Beginner Small Group Lessons (4 Weeks Long, 2 Hours)

Nervous to start in front of a large group? Our Beginner Small Group Lessons are a good place to start. Groups of up to 4 will join together to learn how to play in a non-intimidating group lesson. Groups will spend time focusing on core skills and learning rules, and will also have time to play with instructor feedback. 

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DAVE A. (2).png

Dave is a 12-year veteran of the sport. Dave Ashby is a PCI certified coach and competes in tournaments across the country. He is a 5.0 APP multi medalist and is the 2023 5.0 Men's Doubles Senior National's champion. He is also beginning to compete at the pro level. Dave enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for the game and loves to see everyone having fun and succeeding.

Advanced Lesson Request

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